So I bought a one way ticket to Osaka, Japan about a month ago. I’m leaving in January, right after New Years. I’m planning on traveling around, taking buses and ferries and shinkansen up and down Honshu, meeting people, seeing the sights, sleeping in “ninja hostels” (I don’t really know what that is yet, but it’s a thing, and I’m going to find out soon.) I’ll also hopefully be seeing my host family in Tokyo and my sister-from-another-mister Ayumi in Osaka.

Also shrines. I’m probably going to see a lot of shrines.

After all this sightseeing and finding myself, I’ll be stopping at the end of January in Omaezaki, a little surf town one a cape in Shizuoka, about 3 hours south of Tokyo. I’ll be teaching English for about 5 hours a day in exchange for a room in a big ol’ Japanese style house by the sea and 3 meals a day. Not a bad way to spend 3 months

By the time May rolls around I’ll hopefully be heading up to Sendai to work for a few weeks on a rice farm… As a native Brooklyn-er, I’m not sure how good I’ll be at farming, but even if I can’t do much, the people I’m staying with will get a good laugh watching me try to lift something.

So, internet, thanks for reading. Stay tuned for a few updates before I leave!


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