‘Merica! – OR – A Weekend with Ayumi, Part 2

The second day of our weekend started out with me waking up absurdly early and having breakfast at Sukiya, my new favorite Japanese fast food joint. I didn’t see the breakfast menu, so I got this:



which was kimchee-mayo gyu-don. It was the fucking best. And for 400 yen for the set, it sure beats the hell out of a McGriddle (sorry, Laura) 

After “breakfast”, I met up with Ayumi and we went to Osaka Castle, which is surrounded by these beautiful gardens






I couldn’t take photos in the museum, but we saw a lot of old scroll, armor, etc. All the plaques were translated into English as well, so I learned a lot. After a quick lunch (tempura udon for Ayumi, Ice cream with kinako and molasses for me), we headed to Kobe.Image



Both of us instantly loved Kobe (Ayumi had never been there before either). It’s a port town, so the city has an almost beach-y feel. 


Our first stop was Merican Park. Guess why it’s called that? Yup. Regardless, it was gorgeous, and my photos don’t do it justice.




After Merican Park, we did a little window shopping in Mosaic (pronounced Mo-Sah-ii-ku, apparently), and then headed to Chinatown for dinner. 



We shared a bunch of different things from the gazillion food stands lining the streets, including soup dumpling, Peking duck, tan-tan ramen, and gyoza. Shit was good, bro.





After dinner we went our separate ways, so we could get a good night’s sleep before waking up early to get to Nara the next day. Wanna see us get accosted by a bunch of domesticated deer? Stay tuned…


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