Mezurashii Dumbo – OR – A Weekend with Ayumi, Part 1

This weekend I got to see my sister/best friend Ayumi in Osaka. We hadn’t seen each other for about 6 years, but picked up right where we left off.P1000868

We had an awesome weekend, starting with a trip to Namba and some fucking bomb ass ramen:



After lunch and shopping, Ayumi escorted me to D Salon…


My stylist was the sweetest lady, and was extremely patient with my subpar Japanese and the fact that I had no idea how to describe the kind of haircut I wanted. She must have read my mind, and gave me the exact kind of bangs I’ve wanted for a while.


I’ve been trying to get bangs in the states for a couple years, but everyone I go to has told me it’s a terrible idea, and it would make my face look fat. Fuck those guys, bangs are so much fun.

That night we met up with one of Ayumi’s coworkers and friends, who we called Asakawa-san. I tried my best to speak Japanese while we were out and about– but I’m so used to speaking English with Ayumi that I had a really hard time making it happen. Other than the weekend we spent together, I’ve only been speaking Japanese, but that night I had a lot of trouble. Add the fact that Ayumi and Asakawa were speaking Osaka-ben, which is basically a completely different dialect from what we learned in school, and I was mentally exhausted within a few hours. But first, we went to the Ebisu Matsuri celebration at a nearby shrine.



I’m kind of unclear about the details of Ebisu Matsuri, but it has something to do with local businesses. We got o-mikugi (fortunes) at the shrine – I had already got one at Fushimi in Kyoto, and gotten daikichi (the best possible fortune), so I didn’t want to tempt fate again, but Ayumi and Asakawa got theirs.



After the Matsuri we had an amazing meal of yakisoba, okonomiyaki, and monjayaki, prepared at our table. It was awesome.P1000962



We ate everything. Duh.


After dinner we did puricura — for the uninitiated, it’s like western photo booths, but you get to draw all over the photos and add funny hats and stuff. Also, they zero in on your eyes and enlarge them, whether you want that or not, which is interesting to say the least.


Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend…. for now, it’s bed time for Mezurashii-Dumbo


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